Won’t let go

Our new single, ‘Won’t let go” is available now from amazon, google play and to stream on Spotify

It was created with Mark De-Lisser (known for The Voice and recently arranged ‘Stand by me’ for the Royal Wedding), and talented songwriter Clare Dove. Our music video has been created by William Walsh.

The NHS is this country’s best-loved and most treasured asset, and it’s 70th birthday is a very significant date for our country.

20180618_NHS-WLG-3830“The government has made £40bn in cuts since 2010. Services are threadbare, patients
suffer on trolleys in corridors, staff are burnt out and leaving in droves. In short, the much vaunted ‘£20bn birthday present’ to the NHS won’t touch the sides. We need an end to austerity cuts and a reversal of creeping privatisation.”

Dr Julia Patterson, Co-founder of the National Health Singers

20180618_NHS-WLG-3622“We all owe so much to the NHS; it wraps us in warm towels as we first open our eyes, helps us welcome the next generation, and holds our hands as we say our last goodbyes. It cares for our loved ones and those with no one to love them, it does so much for so many; it’s our turn to return the favour, without decisive action its days are numbered. The best way for us all to celebrate the NHS on its 70th birthday is to come together and fight for it. There’s no room for bunting. It’s time to make our voices heard.”

Dr Chinedu Nwokoro, Choir member

20180618_NHS-WLG-3658“I am a nurse who has worked in the NHS for 24 years. I am an NHS patient. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer with secondaries. All of my treatment has been provided by the NHS, and the care I have received has been second to none. The NHS saved my life. In a privatisedsystem this life-saving treatment would be beyond the reach of those of us who cannot afford to pay. We are so lucky to have this amazing institution.

The National Health Singers choir has allowed me to campaign for our NHS in a meaningful and uplifting way with likeminded and caring people. Our song is aimed at resuscitating the NHS so let’s get that big blue heart back to a good state of health!”

Maria Gilroy, Choir member

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